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This project is part of the GNU Project.

Decommissioned; see GNU Parallel.

GNU Queue (GQ) is user interface facilitating access to a "backend" cluster of essentially identical independent systems. GQ handles the allocation of resources and distribution of jobs to available nodes and minimizes the need for the user to be aware of the load status of the individual cluster nodes. A user can simply submit a shell command to GQ, and the first available system or group of systems will execute the command.

Registration Date: Sat Jun 18 18:56:33 2005
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: ? - Orphaned/Unmaintained


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Resignation of Maintainer
     posted by slowkoni, Wed Jun 13 14:44:45 2007 - 0 replies

For those monitoring this project or browsing this page: I, "slowkoni", am resigning as the current lead developer/maintainer of the GNU project. The reason for this is my inability to move the project forward, primarily due to ...

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New GNU queue source now in Savannah CVS
     posted by slowkoni, Sun Jul 24 23:41:38 2005 - 0 replies

A completely new design and source for gnu-queue is under development, available from the Savannah CVS server. Additionally, has been updated to point to the Savannah development site. The previous version(s) of gnu-queue and deprecated sourceforge development site can be found at

Revival of GNU Queue
     posted by slowkoni, Thu Jun 23 14:15:34 2005 - 0 replies

In June 2005 a new GNU Queue maintainer (Koni) was appointed. The original GNU Queue and the sourceforge site for the project has withered on the vine over the past few years.

Migration to Savannah is in progress at this time. A completely new code base is under development. More news will be posted when files and documents regarding the new code base are made available through Savannah.

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