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This project is part of the GNU Project.

Gcal is a program for calculating and printing calendars. Gcal displays hybrid and proleptic Julian and Gregorian calendar sheets, respectively for one month, three months, or a whole year. It also displays eternal holiday lists for many countries around the globe, and features a very powerful creation of fixed date liststhat can be used for reminding purposes. Gcal can calculate various astronomical data and times of the Sun and the Moon for pleasure at any location, precisely enough for most civil purposes. Gcal supports some other calendar systems, for example, the Chinese and Japanese calendars, the Hebrew calendar, and the civil Islamic calendar, too.

Registration Date: Sat Feb 13 00:31:14 2010
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 6 - Mature


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GNU gcal 4.1 released
     posted by gscrivano, Sun Jan 22 17:56:46 2017 - 0 replies

This release fixes two minor issues, in addition to all the improvements inherited from gnulib.

It is available for download here:

and the GPG detached signatures using the key 263D6DF2E163E1EA: ...

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GNU gcal 4 released
     posted by gscrivano, Tue Jun 2 20:58:20 2015 - 0 replies

It is available for download here:

and the GPG detached signatures using the key E163E1EA: ...

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GNU gcal 3.6.3 released
     posted by gscrivano, Fri Mar 29 21:32:49 2013 - 0 replies

Source code is available for download here (please use this only if you have problems to access a mirror as explained below):

and the GPG detached signatures using the key C03363F4: ...

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