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Key experience areas:

Software Engineering, Object Oriented Methodology, Parsing and Compilation, Machine Learning, Algorithms

Programming languages:

C++/C; Java; Tcl/Tk; Lisp; Prolog; Object Pascal; Forth; Shell Scripts; SQL; JSP; some Perl, some Haskell, Verilog/VHDL (hardware description), SystemC (high level modeling)

Software tools

Gnu tool-chains (including embedded) - gcc, gdb, binutils; parser generators - flex, bison, antler; STL; Boost; XEmacs

Major projects and working experience:

2005 - present

Mentor Graphics RND: Site co-founder, Senior software engineer.
1. QEMU based modeling of embedded platforms, including timing and power. System-C wrapping of QEMU processors, development of timing and power models of ARM, MIPS, PowerPC processors.
2. Application of Machine learning techniques for timing and power modeling of hardware platforms.

2008 - present

Membership in GNU/BISON project. Adding named symbol references to input language (available from version 2.4).


Summit Design: Software engineer.
Included development of large scale parser and compilers of Verilog, VHDL, partial C++. Also included customization and extension of GNU tools: XEmacs, gcc, gdb.


M.Sc. Applied Math, Saratov State University. Included thesis in formal languages and compilation (Earley algorithm improvement, syntax and semantics bootstrap).

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Skill Level Experience
PERL Good Knowledge 5 yr - 10 yr
Lisp Good Knowledge 5 yr - 10 yr
Flex Master > 10 years
Tcl/Tk Expert > 10 years
GNU/Linux Master > 10 years
Bison Master > 10 years
C++ Expert > 10 years
C Expert > 10 years
Shell Expert > 10 years
Java Expert > 10 years
GNU Emacs lisp Good Knowledge > 10 years
CVS Expert > 10 years
TCP/IP Good Knowledge > 10 years

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