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Audrius Me&scaron;auskas wrote the first working versions of CORBA, SGML DTD parser and RMI over IIOP for the GNU Classpath packages. As in every community project, these packages were later modified and improved by the other members of the team. The past experience also includes:

1. Creating agents that use the web pages by simulating the work of the ordinary web browser. The task includes automated submission as well as extracting the informative part from the server response. The agent can automatically find the database accession numbers, boundaries of predicted sequence features, the prediction or similarity scores and so on. We have a publication on automated generator in Bioinformatics.
2. Connecting multiple web agents, local bioinformatical applications and institutional servers (SSH) into variable automated workflows. These workflows support loops, branching, conditions, multiple responses per request is  resistant to the network and local crashes. During a week or two of the silent unsupervised work, such workflow completes the task that would usually take a couple of months to perform manually. Once we scanned the human genome, looking for the ion channel fragments that are most similar to the known proteins from species other than human. We have found such genes. The search method should be effective in the automated building of the metabolic network for the given genome.
3. Using relational databases like MySQL from java applications. Using non standard databases like DF4O or SMYLE to work with structures, not supported by the ordinary relational databases.
4. Defining, creating, transforming, reading and writing XML data structures, including more advanced post-XML conceptions (RDF, DAML+OIL and so on). I used these methods developing web agent generator in Ulm.
5. Creating protein and DNA sequence classifiers using machine learning algorithms.
6. Implementing the numeric solution of differential equations, including systems of differential equations and partial differential equations (used in models of morphogenesis).
7. Modelling and visualization of the growth and development of the 3D invasive network (fungal mycelia).
8. Writing java applets (client side) and servlets (server side) for making the new simulation methods and other results available via Internet. It is generally spoken that “seeing is believing”, and such applications are useful as a supplementary material for any article.
9. Modelling morphogenesis, based on conception of interacting fields (results reprinted in Nature).
10. Distribute computing in java (used in Manchester university).


Skill Level Experience
C++ Expert 5 yr - 10 yr
Java Expert 2 yr - 5 yr
SGML Expert 6 Mo - 2 yr
Corba Expert 6 Mo - 2 yr

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