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Resume - Justin Alan Ryan
by Justin Alan Ryan — last modified 2006-01-08 15:59
Artist, Journalist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Renegade.

(415) 738-7513 - resume (at) jryan (dot) gerf (dot) org

To utilize and expand upon my existing skills and natural talent in a supportive meritocracy with progressive views on telecommuting and information wealth.

In addition to excellent written and verbal comunication skills, I possess over ten years of industry experience related to e-commerce, web / electronic info design, systems administration, internetworking, and know over ten programming languages. I have been described as a dynamic educator and awarded for my dedication, loyalty, and forward-thinking approach to solving technology and related social problems. I have and am still in pursuit of education in Art, Computer Science, and Software Engineering.

1995- Designer, Software Engineer / Educator, Freelance
Design, Build, Support, and Scale customer systems, most recently focusing on deployments of Zope and Plone with custom Archetypes, Workflow, and Authentication. Well published in industry periodicals, electronic documentation, books, manuals, and courseware over ten-plus years. Headed toward becoming a core contributor to Plone, I have been involved in a number of high profile projects of my own as well as with other Plone Developers.

2002 - 2004 Web Application Developer, Rackspace Managed Hosting
Designed, developed, and managed a living web-based hosting automation system using iterative development methodologies such as Agile and XP. Focused on PHP and Python, with a dash of java on a postgres database. 10k Servers, 5k customers, 400 employees in 4 datacenters, One Interface : CORE.

1997 - 2001 Developer Support Engineer, TurboLinux
Supported a GNU / Linux OS product, built a fledgling company's public image, acted as a liason to the open-source community, and led linux education and certification efforts. Major accomplishments included a public beta program, competing with RHCE, and a "TurboLinux for Dummies" book which I co-authored with Jon "Maddog" Hall, the Director of Linux International. Administered one of the highest traffic FTP archives of the time.

1994 - Journalist: Technology, Politics, and Art
Report on the state of technology, new possibilities opened by recent developments, and the quality of existing products. Promote Information Wealth, Individual Freedom, Progressivism, and Life Art via activist thinking. Co-Founded a Non-Profit Art Collective in San Francisco, California.

Ongoing Projects
Rosetta Project is an online archive of all known human languages funded by Long Now Foundation and National Science Foundation
Burning Man Project has a Plone extranet which they use for coordinating, from volunteer sign-up to vehicle approval, the annual construction of a temporary city in the Nevada Desert with a max population of 35,000.
ACM SIGGRAPH, The International Organization for Generation and Dissemination of Information on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, uses Plone for the planning of an annual conference and other events.
Gnubia is an emerging free, self-hosted collaborative development platform akin to or
Qutang is a general-purpose public community / collaboration space for artists, students, professionals, and academics.
VonGogo is an non-profit art collective of which I am a Founding Director and Vice President.

Operating Systems: Linux *, MacOSX, BSD, Solaris, IOS, Windows
Languages: C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, SH (bash), CSS, ECMAScript, VB
Frameworks: PSE, ESPy, J2EE, COM, .NET, CORBA
CMS: Plone, EZPublish, Typo, SharePoint
Application Servers: mod_python, Zope, WebLogic, WebSphere, Jakarta
RDBMS: MySQL, Postgres, Ingres, Oracle, SQL
Admin Tools: daemontools, rpm, apt, ports/portage, rsync, etc..
Network Services: Apache, Postfix, Sendmail, qmail, BIND, djbdns
DigArt: Logic, Maya, Adobe CS, Blender, Seashore, Inkscape, Scribus
Specialty Areas: Web, AJAX, XML, Plone/z3, GNU/Linux, Python, PostgreSQL, Free Software, Education
Ability to motivate others, develop and communicate vision, and resolve conflict

2005 Visual / Game Programming, Art Institute of California - San Francisco
2002-2004 Software Engineering & Fanatical Support, Rackspace University
2001-2002 Computer Science, Austin Community College
2000-2001 Certified Instructor, TurboLinux

Available upon request.


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