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GNU recutils is back to active development

Item posted by Jose E. Marchesi <jemarch> on Mon 19 Oct 2020 05:59:30 PM UTC.

Hi good peoples!

During the last few years I somehow stopped adding new features to the GNU recutils, limiting its development to the resolution of important bugs, and releasing every one or another year.  The reason for this was that I considered the recutils to be, mostly, "finished".

However, as of recent some projects have adopted recutils as part of their infrastructure (guix, GNUnet) and it seemst hat Fred's and George's favorite tools are getting popular in the internets... and what is more, people are sending patches! o_O

So I have decided to put the GNU recutils back under active development, for the immense joy of adults and children (and turtles.)

The very first step is a simplification/modernization of the codebase, which is already work in progress (see the last couple of commits).  You see, I wrote recutils a looong time ago, and therefore I don't feel that comfortable looking at the code: I call this feeling/phenomena "shameware".

Then I will probably rewrite the multi-set internal implementation, to make it more efficient, and go straight to implement some facilities that the recutils users have been wishing for  for a long time (like sorting records in reverse order, ahem.)

So let's see, 2021 may introduce recutils 2.0!  Slowly and carefully... turtle steps..


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