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automake-1.16.2 released [stable]

Item posted by Jim Meyering <meyering> on Sun 22 Mar 2020 12:46:42 AM UTC.

This is to announce automake-1.16.2, a stable release.

There have been 38 commits by 12 people in the two years
(almost to the day) since 1.16.1.  Special thanks to Karl Berry
for doing a lot of the recent work preparing for this release.

See the NEWS below for a brief summary.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
The following people contributed changes to this release:

  Bruno Haible (1)
  Gavin Smith (1)
  Giuseppe Scrivano (1)
  Jim Meyering (5)
  Karl Berry (12)
  Libor Bukata (1)
  Lukas Fleischer (2)
  Mathieu Lirzin (8)
  Paul Eggert (4)
  Paul Hardy (1)
  Paul Osmialowski (1)
  Vincent Lefevre (1)

Jim [on behalf of the automake maintainers]

Here is the GNU automake home page:

For a summary of changes and contributors, see:;a=shortlog;h=v1.16.2
or run this command from a git-cloned automake directory:
  git shortlog v1.16.1..v1.16.2

Here are the compressed sources: (1.5MB) (2.3MB)

Here are the GPG detached signatures[*]:

Use a mirror for higher download bandwidth:

[*] Use a .sig file to verify that the corresponding file (without the
.sig suffix) is intact.  First, be sure to download both the .sig file
and the corresponding tarball.  Then, run a command like this:

  gpg --verify automake-1.16.2.tar.xz.sig

If that command fails because you don't have the required public key,
then run this command to import it:

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 7FD9FCCB000BEEEE

and rerun the 'gpg --verify' command.


* New features added

  - add zstd support and the automake option, dist-zstd.

* Miscellaneous changes

  - automake no longer requires a @setfilename in each .texi file

* Bugs fixed

  - When cleaning the compiled python files, '\n' is not used anymore in the
    substitution text of 'sed' transformations.  This is done to preserve
    compatibility with the 'sed' implementation provided by macOS which
    considers '\n' as the 'n' character instead of a newline.
    (automake bug#31222)

  - For make tags, lisp_LISP is followed by the necessary space when
    used with CONFIG_HEADERS.
    (automake bug#38139)

  - The automake test no longer fails when localtime
    and UTC cross a day boundary.

  - Emacsen older than version 25, which require use of
    byte-compile-dest-file, are supported again.

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