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GNU lightning 2.1.3 released!

Item posted by Paulo C├ęsar Pereira de Andrade <pcpa> on Wed 18 Sep 2019 08:57:58 PM UTC.

GNU lightning is a library to aid in making portable programs
that compile assembly code at run time.


Download release:

  2.1.3 main features are the new RISC-V port, currently supporting
only Linux 64 bit, and a major rewrite of the register live and
unknown state logic, so that a long standing issue with a live
register not accessed for several consecutive blocks could be
incorrectly assumed dead.

The matrix of built and tested environments is:
aarch64 Linux (Linaro, Foundation_v8pkg)
alpha Linux (QEMU)
armv7l Linux (QEMU)
armv7hl Linux (QEMU)
hppa Linux (32 bit, QEMU)
i686 Linux and Cygwin
ia64 Linux
mips Linux (32 bit)
powerpc32 Linux
powerpc64 Linux and AIX
powerpc64le Linux
riscv Linux (64 bit, QEMU)
s390 Linux (Hercules)
s390x Linux (Hercules)
sparc Linux (QEMU)
sparc64 Linux (QEMU)
x32 Linux (QEMU)
x86_64 Linux and Cygwin


 o Correct immediate checks on aarch64.

 o Always set the t12 register to the address of the called function.

 o Correct wrong regarg_p check.

 o Correct issues with 32 bit big endian mips abis.
 o Use JALR to get the same effect as JR.

 o Update powerpc 32 bit port for the SYSV abi.

 o Properly mark %r12 as callee save in x86_64.

 o Correct logic error with the return register on several ports.
 o Redesign the live and unknown register logic.
 o Correct assertion on jit_unget_reg when there is a carry register.
 o Update check/ for more consistent verifications.
 o Create to remove dependency on config.h.
 o Add wrapper to jit_live() to check/lightning test tool.
 o Allow patching jit_ldi and jit_sti the same way as jit_movi.
 o Correct doc/printf example to call jit_prepare.

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