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GNU ccd2cue 0.4 released

Item posted by Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro <oitofelix> on Fri 06 Mar 2015 06:08:14 AM UTC.

Announcement: GNU ccd2cue 0.4

   I’m pleased to announce GNU ccd2cue 0.4, released in March 6, 2015.


   • The code repository moved from CVS to Git.
   • Mailing lists were re-purposed.  Now <> is
     exclusively used for bug reporting and <> for user
   • Fixed bad wording in ‘--help’ text.  Bug reported by Benno
     Schulenberg of the Translation Project.
   • Fixed potential crash caused by calling ‘error’ function with wrong
     arguments inside error handling routines.  Bug first noticed by
     Rosa (GNU/)Linux maintainers.
   • Fixed documentation distribution bug in which the ‘INSTALL’ file
     didn’t get redistributed.  Bug reported by Darren S..
   • Added ‘distgnu’ Make target which aids the maintainer in uploading
     release tarballs to the GNU ftp site.  It only can be made from VCS
   • Likewise, the ‘homepage’ Make target now can only be made from VCS
     checkouts.  Therefore the exclusive infrastructure for building the
     package’s homepage doesn’t get distributed.
   • Fixed build system bug in which ‘configure’ didn’t detect the
     absence of ‘help2man’ for maintainer builds.
   • Improved ‘maintainer-clean’ Make target effectiveness.

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