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GNU Guile 1.9.11, the very last pre-release?

Item posted by Ludovic Court├Ęs <civodul> on Tue 01 Jun 2010 10:12:09 PM UTC.

We are pleased to announce GNU Guile 1.9.11, the twelfth and probably last pre-release before 2.0, featuring a compiler and virtual machine and a large set of exciting new features. As usual feedback, bug reports, portability issues, etc., are all welcome!

Granted, we already said last month that 1.9.10 may be the last pre-release.  But there's been such a wealth of contributions, improvements, and bug fixes that publishing another pre-release made a lot of sense.

To name a few: the R6RS `library' form and most of the R6RS standard libraries were added, there are new modules for SXML pattern matching and for code coverage reports, and the mechanics of macro expansion have been harmonized between the compiler, the expander, and the evaluator.

See for the original announcement.

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