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FreeIPMI 0.8.1 Released

Item posted by Albert Chu <chu11> on Tue 08 Dec 2009 12:10:32 AM UTC.

FreeIPMI 0.8.1 - 12/07/09

High Level Description of Changes
o Support ipmi-dcmi, Data Center Management Interface (often
  referred to as DCM or DCMI).
o Make output of ipmi-sel, ipmi-sensors, and ipmimonitoring
  easier to read and consistent to each other.  Under default
  output, sensors listed in ipmi-sensors and ipmimonitoring are
  identical.  Legacy output is supported through the --legacy-
  output option.
o Rename pef-config to ipmi-pef-config for naming consistency.
o Make output of ipmi-chassis, bmc-info, bmc-device, and info
  output of ipmi-sel, ipmi-sensors, and ipmi-pef-config
  consistent to each other.
o When querying active/inactive, allowed/unallowed, true/false,
  etc. status fields in ipmi-chassis, bmc-info, and bmc-device,
  output all fields instead of only the active/allowed/true/etc.
o Support exclusion equivalent options (such as
  --exclude-sensor-types) in various tools such as ipmi-sel,
  ipmi-sensors, and ipmimonitoring.
o Support sensor unit percentages, rates, and modifiers (e.g. "%
  hit", "gigabyte per minute", "pounds / cu in") in most tools.
o Support non-abbreviated units (e.g. "Amps" instead of "A") in
  most tools.
o Output IANA Manufacturer Name when appropriate in most tools.
o Support Entity ID based sensor naming through the
  --entity-sensor-names option in many tools.
o Support OEM interpreted output through the --interpret-oem-data
  option in many tools.
o "Library-ize" much of the functionality originally only
  included in tools.
o Re-work libipmimonitoring to return sensor events for all
  sensors, not just non-threshold sensors.  Resulted in an API
o Removed many short options for more consistent command line
  "architecture" between tools and to ensure short options are
  more consistent between tools.  Limit short options to only
  the most popular options.  Short options have been removed
  from ipmipower, ipmiconsole, bmc-watchdog, ipmi-chassis,
  ipmimonitoring, ipmi-sel, and ipmi-raw. See details below for
  specific short options removed.
o Various new options and features added to most tools.
o Various minor feature enhancements.
o Various bug fixes.
o Various documentation updates.

For full NEWS of changes see:

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