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FreeIPMI 0.6.1 Released

Item posted by Albert Chu <chu11> on Sun 27 Apr 2008 05:56:50 PM UTC.

Release Notes:

0.6.1 - 04/27/08
For Users
o Add new tool ipmi-sensors-config.
o Add new tool ipmi-oem.
o Support --groups (plural) for multiple groups listing in
  ipmi-sensors.  Older --group (non-plural) option maintained for
  backwards compatability.
o Support --list-groups and --flush in ipmimonitoring for consistency
  to ipmi-sensors.
o Change --cache-dir to --sdr-cache-dir in ipmimonitoring for consistency
  to ipmi-sensors.
o Change short option -f option to -n in pef-config and bmc-config for
  consistency to ipmi-sensors-config.  The -f option is maintained for
  backwards compatability.
o Support -e (--escape-char) for alternate escape character in
o Change --wait-until-off short option from -B to -G.
o Support -B in ipmipower for consistency to other tools, although -B
  offers no purpose in ipmipower.
o Support -F in ipmipower for consistency to other tools.
o Enhanced speed of ipmi-fru, by skipping unnecessary FRU data reads.
o SSIF Inband driver will timeout after a certain period of time.
o Support additional sensor monitoring interpretations in ipmimonitoring.
o Provide more detailed error messages in config tools.
o Support shared SDR caches for ipmi-sensors, ipmi-fru, ipmi-sel,
  ipmi-sensors-config, and ipmimonitoring.  (libipmimonitoring will
  still use a different default cache directory.)  This will require a
  new cache generation for these tools.
o Support driver-type options for ipmipower ipmi version option.
o Modified SDR caching output messages in ipmi-sensors, ipmi-sel,
  ipmi-fru, ipmi-sensors-config and ipmimonitoring to provide more
  useful information.
o In ipmi-sensors, updated SDR output under verbose and very verbose
  output modes with:
  o More IPMI compliant field names.  For example, 'Sensor Name' has
    been replaced with 'ID String'.
  o More correct output.  For example, 'NA' will be output instead of
    '0.0' when a value is not truly available.  Fields that don't exist
    will not have a default output.
  o Fix incorrect hysterisis calculation and output.
  o Fix incorrect OEM data output.
  o Support more SDR record types for output.
  o Output more SDR record information in general.
o Added new freeipmi(7) and libfreeipmi(3) manpages.
o Various other bug fixes, documentation fixes, and enhancements.

For Developers
o Many libfreeipmi API changes.  Not counting specific tool changes
  listed above, these API changes should not affect FreeIPMI user tools.
  o locate/probing API revamped.
  o SMIC driver/api removed.
  o 'udm' renamed to 'api' globally.
  o 'ipmi_device_t' device context renamed to 'ipmi_ctx_t'.
  o New sdr-caching library added.
  o Code re-organized into subdirectories.
  o New header files for more ipmi spec subsections added.
o Support new 'ipmi_monitoring_sdr_cache_filenames' function in
o Store SDR with different format for ipmi-sensors, ipmi-fru,
  ipmi-sel, and ipmi-sensors-config, ipmimonitoring/libipmimonitoring
  for easier future extensibility. 
o Packet names added to IPMI dump outputs in all tools for easier
  packet identification in debugging.
o Make IPMI dump outputs consistent across all tools.
o Support driver timeout error codes in all drivers and APIs.
o SDR record dumping added into all tools.
o Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

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