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GNUspool 1.8 Release
     posted by toadwarble, Thu Oct 21 21:31:32 2010 - 0 replies

This release revises the way the User Permissions file is held to make it just "default" and a list of exceptions.

This has been asked for in particular in contexts where externally-submitted jobs by a user not in the password file are to be processed and having to rebuild the user file is a problem.

Note that the manuals tell a few lies in this regard. I'll fix these for version 1.9.

GNUspool 1.7 Release
     posted by toadwarble, Thu Oct 21 21:25:22 2010 - 0 replies

This tidies some parts of the source code and adds Debian material for building a Debian package set.

GNUspool 1.6 Release
     posted by toadwarble, Fri Mar 5 10:35:13 2010 - 0 replies

A Debian installation directory is provided.

Some improvements have been made to printer installation and an optional PyQt interface has been provided to make this easier where available.

A CUPS emulation package is now included for the ...

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GNUspool 1.5 Release
     posted by toadwarble, Fri Mar 27 12:47:26 2009 - 0 replies

This clarifies some aspects of the install.

Grammar and lex files are included.

Also included is the newly-written Python-based CUPS emulation for the benefit of software which insists on talking to CUPS.

GNUspool 1.4 Release
     posted by toadwarble, Sat Feb 21 22:12:47 2009 - 0 replies

This release fixes a few build problems on some systems and points out that failure to build GTK programs isn't critical.

GNUspool 1.3 Release
     posted by toadwarble, Wed Feb 18 09:15:30 2009 - 0 replies

This release just updates some of the manual pages and removes some unneeded binary files.

Talk on GNUspool at UKUUG annual conference 24-26 March 2009
     posted by toadwarble, Tue Feb 17 20:11:00 2009 - 0 replies

The UKUUG (the UK's Unix & Open Systems User Group) is holding its Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) User Group from 24-26 March 2009 in London, England.

One speaker will be John Collins, author of GNUspool and GNUbatch, probably on 25th March who will be presenting GNUspool.

Not too late to book - and book for the conference dinner on 25th March.

For details and booking instructions see

GNUspool 1.2 Release
     posted by toadwarble, Sun Feb 15 12:15:09 2009 - 0 replies

This release is mostly corrections in the documents of user program names - which were changed from the original names to names beginning with "gspl-". In a few cases the changes were too aggressive changing the middle of words and have been changed back. ...

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