Contributing to Savannah

We need volunteers and look forward to your participation. This page is about becoming a savannah hacker (e.g., a savannah website administrator) and help savannah.

For communication with other savannah folks, see SavannahHackersCommunication, which includes info on mailing lists you should use/subscribe to.

Read HowToGetYourProjectApprovedQuickly, which explains in detail what a submitter should check, but also serves as a guide for savannah hackers reviewing the project. See also Mario's guide for reviewing projects.

Read the CodeOfConduct to understand how to communicate with our users with politeness.

Pick a pending (non-assigned) task in savannah's task list:

Read it, then write the answer that you would make as the savannah reviewer.

If you wish, you can use the savannah hackers' macros file for emacs or vim (savannah.[el|vim]) to help in writing your answer. It is good information to know in any case. See:

git clone git://
ls administration/approvals/

When your answer is ready, send it (with a link to the task) at and one of the current savannah hackers will answer as quickly as possible. Please also include a bit about your background with free software, GNU, Savannah, or whatever else may be relevant. And your savannah account name.

When accepted, you will be made an administrator of the administration project, which will enable the "Become Superuser" option in the left-hand menu. Then you can approve projects and do many other things through the web interface. Please explore.

Working on Savannah internals

The above is about helping as a Savannah administrator via the web interface. If you are willing and able to hack on the Savannah (Savane) implementation itself, at the shell/sysadmin level, please essentially do the same as the above with one of the open support requests.

The active source code is in the "administration" project (using several of the VC systems). SavaneRewrite has a bit more history.

When accepted, some info about getting in at the shell level is at ShellAccess.