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JSP engine now included! posted by nferrier, Tue 23 Apr 2002 01:48:15 PM UTC - 0 replies
RC1 is in the CVS posted by nferrier, Wed 13 Feb 2002 12:26:24 AM UTC - 0 replies
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First ALPHA release for 2.3 API! posted by nferrier, Sat 21 Apr 2001 03:44:10 AM UTC - 1 reply
first webapp loading done! posted by nferrier, Wed 18 Apr 2001 10:52:09 PM UTC - 1 reply
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JSP engine now included!

Item posted by Nic Ferrier <nferrier> on Tue 23 Apr 2002 01:48:15 PM UTC.

I've taken the GNUJSP sources, ripped out some of the rubbish (but there's a long way to go yet!) and put them into CVS under the module: jspengine.

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