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Release of version 0.1.1.

Item posted by Stefan Jahn <ela> on Mon Oct 8 17:53:01 2001.

This release is meant to be a bug fix release including some important new features. The named pipe interface under Windows (NT/2000/XP) is eventually working correctly (has been a long term bug). The whole package is now available as a set of RPM's, too (i386 and source). We slightly modified the chat server master protocol in order to remove the number of concurrent clients limitation. The core API library supports now a virtually unlimited number of socket structures (that is to address the c10k problem). The HTTP server file cache got a major performance improvement. The coserver implementation automatically restarts its instances on buffer overrun or death.

We also improved the state of embedding GNU Guile into Serveez. If you enable the `--enable-guile-server' configure option Serveez supports the implementation of Guile servers with Serveez. To bring this feature home to the user we added Guile server examples and documentation.

As leftover from the previous release we added some documentation about the dynamic loader interface of the core API library. This interface is meant to provide functionality to load und unload standalone server modules at runtime.

Moreover we added the basic implementation of a transparent codec interface which provides automatic input and output stream encoding. As an example implementation we added the `zlib' codec.


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