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Gnatsweb 2.9.0 released

Item posted by Yngve Svendsen <yngves> on Sat 08 Sep 2001 04:00:51 PM UTC.

Gnatsweb 2.x is really in maintenance-only mode since work is focused on Gnatsweb 4.0 now. However, a few features from 4.0 took little work to backport, so here goes.

Changes from 2.8.2 to 2.9.0

  • Usability enhancement. There is now a navigation bar on top of all

  pages with links to all major Gnatsweb functions.

  • Bug fix. Properly handle a locked GNATS database. This used to make

  Gnatsweb bomb out when submitting edits and leave the PR locked.

  • Minor bug fixes related to attachments.
  • Add X-Mailer header to outgoing mail.
  • Bug fix. Text attachments are no longer truncated at the first blank


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