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Purely functional I/O system

Item posted by Luca Saiu <positrone> on Thu Mar 6 22:14:07 2003.

Now epsilon has a purely functional input/output system, inspired by Haskell.
The current implementation only supports terminal I/O, but it is easily extendable. I/O errors are not dealt with yet.

Other news:

  • The LVM was dubbed obsolete and permanentely removed. The eAM is very near to have the same functionality and is much faster and cleaner.
  • A custom eAM garbage collector is in the works (not yet committed on the CVS repository).
  • epsilonlex needs to be able to do file I/O to be usable. It's not hard, I just have to add a couple of new eAM instructions and some eAML code in the default library for using them.


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