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Forum goes Ruby

Item posted by Peter Minten <silvernerd> on Sat Dec 7 17:17:42 2002.

About a month ago Forum got out of it's summer leep. At that time it became clear that the C# libraries needed to for the Forum server aren't going to be constructed in the near future. I didn't want to wait for the libraries to be ready however.

Ruby seemed like a good alternative for C#: it's object-oriented, dynamic and about all the libraries needed for Forum are already there.

So I decided to program the first version of the Forum server and client in Ruby. C# is not ruled out however, a C# client is planned. Thinking ahead I even see a possibility that the relative slowness of Ruby (compared to C#) may produce the need for a C# server.


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Ruby Who? (posted by Ray Dryden, Sun Jul 24 07:59:10 2005)

Hello Gnus.

Ray Dryden

This thing needs a bit of life breathed into it, don't you think? I think I have a gasp or two left to contribute.

Anyone else care to assist in DotGnu-Forum Revival?



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