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Release of version 0.1.4.

Item posted by Stefan Jahn <ela> on Mon 14 Oct 2002 03:25:06 PM UTC.

The new version of Serveez contains lots of bug fixes in the internal coservers as well as in the Guile server implementation. The Win32 binary release uses zlib version 1.1.4, also due to a bug fix release.
Support for HP-UX platforms and urgent (out-of-band) data on stream-like network connections have been added. The socket objects now provide trigger callbacks and the server objects a reset callback invoked when SIGHUP occurred. The standard input of the program can be used as configuration file.
The Guile server documentation was partly rewritten and updated.
A simplified icecast Guile server demonstrates the usage of the coservers from Guile.

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