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recipe #253: TO DO

1. Find Free games that can be used for educational purposes.

2. Prepare a pdf summary for advocates to distribute at schools. It could be in the form of a simple one-page leaflet
or a three fold leaflet with nice graphics and possibly images.

3. Find universities around the world which offer IT degree programs with a focus on Free Software. Write reports about them.

4. Search, find and write reports about:

-- Educational institutions that have adopted Free Software and whose motivations are based on the philosophical and ethical values promoted by the GNU Project.

-- Free educational programs used with specific purposes, that have been modified by the institution or that are used to teach the four freedoms and how to put them into practice.

5. Write model letters to be sent to:

-- Educational Institutions that have migrated.

-- Educational Institutions that have not migrated, to inform them of the advantages of Free Software.

-- Groups and projects around the world with a mission similar to ours who follow the GNU philosophy.

6. Translate letters into different languages to be sent to schools located in non-English speaking countries.

7. Translate into English reports and letters received in other

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