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 #108750 $LINENO and $BASH_SOURCE are inconsistent in ERR trap on function return Done 2015-02-19
 #109649 ${!var} fails on 4.4 with bad substitution error Invalid 2019-03-01
 #109359 "help" lists "variables" as one of shell builtins, but this is not true Wont Do 2017-07-21
 #108616 "jobs" shows 'less "$@"' rather than actual argument with function Wont Do 2014-07-15
 #110878 "printf '%s\n' {0..10000} | : | less" prints "[1]+ Stopped" Done 2023-05-04
 #109542 "set -e" is not evaluated properly in outer script when command substitution in here-doc or here-string fails Invalid 2018-08-09
 #109541 "set -e", "set -o pipefail" and "shopt -s lastpipe" do not like each other Done 2018-08-09
 #110552 'trap -p' inside function does not print all enabled signals Works For Me 2021-10-20
 #107179 '\ \^Q^I' produces SIGABORT / "programming error" Done 2009-12-23
 #110610 (unintended?) globstar symbolic link behavior change in Bash 5 Done 2022-02-15
 #109669 -a option of local prevents using previous value Done 2019-04-08
 #108885 4-byte script triggers null ptr deref and segfault Done 2015-09-17
 #110697 a rare usage pattern Need Info 2022-08-18
 #107905 A white space char in first position in lines with commands or comments is lost in history file Done 2011-12-10
 #110556 aarch64: signal remains blocked after execution of trap handler Done 2021-10-29
 #108483 Add a feature to log previous command with output. Wont Do 2014-01-25
 #108103 Add a sha/md5 crytographic digest/hash generation to verify scripts before execution - and other uses. Wont Do 2012-08-08
 #108738 Add built-in err and warn commands Wont Do 2015-01-31
 #108661 Add parsing of integers to shopt -s Wont Do 2014-10-10
 #109610 Add vi-mode prompt escape code Wont Do 2018-12-30
 #110544 alias named 'command_not_found_handle' not recognized Invalid 2021-09-24
 #110449 Allow for fine-grained completion (backward looking) control Postponed 2021-02-24
 #105755 Anonymous CVS Access unavailable? Done 2007-01-31
 #108899 Arbitrary characters to show vi mode in prompt (patch help) Done 2015-10-07
 #107871 associative array assignment is more constrained when using () construct, than when using direct [] assignment Done 2011-11-14
 #107633 autocd should include directories in CDPATH Wont Do 2011-03-22
 #110207 Avoid unnecessary chown() on history file Done 2020-03-11
 #110221 bash 4.2.53 linking fails for "configure --disable-readline" Done 2020-04-08
 #109623 bash 5 fails to build if SYSLOG_HISTORY is defined, but SYSLOG_SHOPT is not Done 2019-01-15
 #110964 BASH 5.1.16(1)-release on WSL2 weird behavior in string splitting 2023-11-30
 #110744 bash 5.2 refuses to execute binary shell scripts Done 2022-10-18
 #110924 bash 5.2: no way to test if associative array is set Works For Me 2023-08-18
 #109675 bash can be made to read uninitialized memory Done 2019-05-03
 #108596 Bash completion fails for files with names containing newlines Invalid 2014-06-07
 #109251 Bash completion interaction with quotes Done 2017-02-08
 #110063 bash completion recognizes command start after { when used as brace expansion Done 2019-10-18
 #110850 Bash dies when given: compgen -c > >(__notfound) Works For Me 2023-03-08
 #109840 bash does not execute traps defined in eval Done 2019-07-11
 #108191 bash drops errexit option in sourced file Done 2012-11-29
 #110633 bash errorously uses strtoimax if symbol exists even if missing in headers Done 2022-04-07
 #108305 bash exec converts relative paths to absolute, Other Bourne-style shells don't (and I feel that's more sensible) Wont Do 2013-05-21
 #110596 bash hangs with command - bash $(perl -e 'print "A"x10000000000') Done 2022-01-18
 #110734 Bash has a config management problem. Works For Me 2022-09-28
 #108737 bash initialization, in unconditional mode at system level Wont Do 2015-01-31
 #110788 Bash leaks file fd to child processes Invalid 2022-11-26
 #110795 Bash Loadable Builtin and execute_shell_function Need Info 2022-12-04
 #103583 Bash redirection undo file descriptors not closed before forking off processes. Done 2004-11-18
 #110239 Bash script outputs parts of the script Invalid 2020-05-21
 #109656 Bash segfaults for long unicode pathnames Works For Me 2019-03-15

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