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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #110564 man bash results in mandoc: /usr/share/man/man1/bash.1 UNSUPP: unsupported control character: 0x7 Invalid 2021-11-13
 #110559 Reloading loadables not working Works For Me 2021-11-04
 #110557 Corrupt tag table in Done 2021-10-31
 #110556 aarch64: signal remains blocked after execution of trap handler Done 2021-10-29
 #110555 Obtain command status from DEBUG and RETURN trap Works For Me 2021-10-25
 #110552 'trap -p' inside function does not print all enabled signals Works For Me 2021-10-20
 #110544 alias named 'command_not_found_handle' not recognized Invalid 2021-09-24
 #110543 prompt repeating instead of wrapping when resizing window Done 2021-09-22
 #110538 Consecutive 0x01 bytes lost during expansion to local array variable Done 2021-09-11
 #110534 Shebang is ignored when the application is compiled for the wrong architecture Invalid 2021-09-07
 #110505 Building the example builtins Done 2021-06-07
 #110500 Parentheses around command substitution Done 2021-05-30
 #110496 Option to automatically close descriptors opened with {var}<>file Done 2021-05-21
 #110485 Variable substitution into multiline JSON text fails after 4 variables Works For Me 2021-05-05
 #110466 Reverse counting of history commands Wont Do 2021-03-26
 #110463 operator '=~' condition is wrong Invalid 2021-03-23
 #110461 mkpipe for bash Wont Do 2021-03-16
 #110449 Allow for fine-grained completion (backward looking) control Postponed 2021-02-24
 #110419 Fix inconsistant identifier names for functions and variables in future BASH release Wont Do 2021-01-08
 #110380 unset do not work with local in some cases Invalid 2020-11-21
 #110358 bash: please provide an easy way to spawn a new process group from script Wont Do 2020-11-01
 #110343 Greater precision in TIMEFORMAT Done 2020-10-29
 #110342 Invalid alias expansion Invalid 2020-10-28
 #110335 Interrupt in command substitution exits interactive bash Done 2020-10-20
 #110302 Feature request: Implement the ERR_RETURN option from zsh (see SR #110223) Postponed 2020-09-03
 #110282 read command terminating silently upon reading from heredoc Works For Me 2020-07-26
 #110270 corrupted exit code with certain local definitions Invalid 2020-07-16
 #110252 parameter expansion with escaped quotes inside here-documents Done 2020-06-28
 #110245 Feature Request: Enable the cd command to change to another directory by replacing strings Wont Do 2020-06-06
 #110239 Bash script outputs parts of the script Invalid 2020-05-21
 #110228 Cannot shadow a local -r variable when assigning a shadowing local to an array in its declaration Done 2020-04-27
 #110223 trap ERR (or set -e) didn't work inside functions and subshells Invalid 2020-04-17
 #110221 bash 4.2.53 linking fails for "configure --disable-readline" Done 2020-04-08
 #110207 Avoid unnecessary chown() on history file Done 2020-03-11
 #110200 locale.c: build fails on uclibc without wchar Done 2020-02-23
 #110196 Build fails on uclibc Done 2020-02-16
 #110187 Emojis are not supported for variable names Wont Do 2020-01-29
 #110063 bash completion recognizes command start after { when used as brace expansion Done 2019-10-18
 #110008 memory leak detected in bash-5.0 Need Info 2019-09-15
 #109948 Feature Request: Add KSH styled namespace support Postponed 2019-08-29
 #109840 bash does not execute traps defined in eval Done 2019-07-11
 #109707 man bash_builtins (i.e. man [) referenced CONDITIONAL EXPRESSIONS, but doesn't actually show them Done 2019-06-13
 #109690 script exits prematurely if function call contains ssh, when input is from heredoc Invalid 2019-05-31
 #109686 Make LINENO work like Zsh's LINENO Wont Do 2019-05-17
 #109679 Save current working directory in history Wont Do 2019-05-09
 #109675 bash can be made to read uninitialized memory Done 2019-05-03
 #109672 conditional expression and associative array expansion bug Invalid 2019-04-17
 #109671 Regression: Initial quoted substitution of variable stripped to empty causes [[ stat tests to yield incorrect results Done 2019-04-10
 #109669 -a option of local prevents using previous value Done 2019-04-08
 #109667 unexpected exit value from "jobs" Done 2019-04-03

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