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Technicians, and only technicians, can be assigned items of trackers. They cannot reassign items, change the status or priority of items.

Tracker Managers can fully manage items of trackers, including assigning items to technicians, reassigning items over trackers and projects, changing priority and status of items—but they cannot configure the trackers.

Project Admins can manage members, configure the trackers, post jobs, and add mailing lists. They actually also have manager rights on every tracker and are allowed to read private items.

On this page are only presented specific roles, roles which are not attributed by default when joining this project.

Active members on duty

  Member Resume and Skills
Project Member Esteban Monge <estebanmonge> Set to private
Project Member Federico M. F. Daguerre <fetux> Set to private
Project Member Muhammad Haroon Maqsood <haroon> Set to private
Project Member Jagadees <jagadees> Set to private
Project Member John Elliot V <jj5> View Skills
Project Member Miguel Gocobachi <mgocobachi> View Skills
Squad Team 1 <remotecontrol-team1>  
Project Member Rob Tallent <robtallent> Set to private
Project Administrator Stephen H. Dawson DSL <shdawson> View Skills
Project Member Travis Paul <travispaul> Set to private
Project Member Virgilio Lino <virgiliolino> Set to private
Project Member Vinícius Madureira <whitenightmare> View Skills
Project Member Wensheng XIE <wxie> Set to private

Currently inactive members

  Member Resume and Skills

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