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GNOME support for GNU Songanizer. for GNU Songanizer

Category: Graphic/Other Designer
Submitted By: debarshiray
Date: Mon 27 Feb 2006 04:25:03 AM UTC
Status: Deleted

This project is part of the GNU Project.


Songanizer is a shell script to organize a directory containing a collection of
MP3 files. The goal is to create virtual directory structures, which give different
view of the data, but without having redundant copies of the files themselves.

The files are organized according to information gathered from the tags of files
stored in subdirectories located under the 'base' directory, which bear the
prefix _data in their name. Parallel virtual directory structures containing
symbolic links to the actual files are created, which give different views of
the same data. Each virtual directory stucture gives a view based on a
particular attribute specified by the user. The _data directories themselves can
be symbolic links to directories on other devices, and can have multiple levels
of sub-directories within them holding the actual song files.

After songanization, the BASE directory contains the following directories:
(i) _data* --> All directories starting with _data contain the real data.
(ii) _artist --> Contains the link structure on the basis of the artist tag.
(iii) _genre --> Contains the link structure on the basis of the genre tag.
(iv) _initial --> Contains the link structure on the basis of the initial.
... and more, depending on the switches passed to the script.


Since Songanizer is a shell script, a running shell is the first and foremost
requirement. Preferably it should be a Bourne Again SHell. You may report
problems encountered on any shell to the project maintainer.

Getopt (enhanced) is needed to extract the options from the command line
arguments. Alongwith that you should have gettext for internationalization

The mp3info tool should be installed in the system to process the file tags.
It can be downloaded from

License GNU General Public License v2 or later

Development Status
: ? - Orphaned/Unmaintained

Details (job description, contact ...):

We have started work on developing a GNOME front-end for the songanizer script. The main problem that I need to get solved is how to edit the context menu in Nautilus.

Interested GUI developers may contact.

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience

(No Skill Inventory Set Up)

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