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Google brings HVAC monitoring to all Nest Thermostats

Item posted by Stephen H. Dawson DSL <shdawson> on Sat 31 Oct 2020 04:01:53 PM UTC.
"Filter reminders (based on run time)"

Google has forced a new monitoring technology approach on their devices to the users who rent the devices due to an inability to own the device. The new Google approach to HVAC thermostat monitoring of a premises has a significant observation vacuum in their logic.

GNU remotecontrol accounted for overcoming the filter change obstacle from the conceptual days of the software project.
Filter Change

"This example is an excellent illustration of the value gained by having a Remote Motoring Server, with its fully configurable and flexible alarm functionality, watching your network, your devices, and anything else you can monitor."

The outcome of the new forced monitoring technology approach from Google leaves the device renters in a position where they cannot understand the operational status of their HVAC systems.

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