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Noteworthy changes in release 2013.11.01

Item posted by Peter Simons <simons> on Fri 01 Nov 2013 03:36:13 PM UTC.

AX_PROG_CXX_MPI has been updated to recognize an MPI C++ compiler. Further details are at <>.

The new macro AX_AM_OVERRIDE_VAR allows "overriding" of user provided variables for Automake. See <> for further details.

AX_COMPILER_VENDOR has been extended to support detection of Fujitsu compilers. See <> for further details.

AX_TRY_RUN_JAVA and AX_TRY_COMPILE_JAVA has been made more picky about what they delete. See <> for further details.

The new macro AX_PROG_SCALA checks that scala is available. Further details are available at <>.

The new macro AX_FIND_SCALA_STDLIB add support for finding the jar containing the Scala Standard Library. See <> for further details.

The new macro AX_PROG_SCALAC provides support for finding a Scala compiler. See <> for further details.

The new macres AX_FIND_HAMCREST and AX_FIND_JUNIT have been added, which provide support for finding the jars of JUnit and Hamcrest. Please refer to <> for further details.

AX_PTHREAD has been extended to support Clang. Further details can be found at <>.

The macros AX_GCC_LIBRARIES_DIR and AX_GCC_VERSION have been marked obsolete because they depend on the obsolete AX_GCC_OPTION macro. Further details can be found at <>.

New macros AX_BOOST_CONTEXT, AX_BOOST_COROUTINE, AX_BOOST_LOG, AND AX_BOOST_LOG_SETUP have been added to detect Boost.Log and Boost.Coroutine.

AX_PROG_PERL_VERSION has been extended to recognize recent versions of Perl. See <> for further details.

AX_JNI_INCLUDE_DIR now recognizes the $JAVA_HOME environment variable when trying to locate the Java SDK. See <> for further details.

AX_EXT has been extended to recognize cases where a CPU supports AVX, but the operating system does not. See <> for further details.

Support for 64-bit FreeBSD has been improved in AX_EXT, AX_GCC_ARCHFLAG. See <> for further details.

AX_BOOST_BASE has been extended to recognize aarch64 as a lib64 architecture.

A bug in AX_LIB_HDF5 has been fixed that would result in $CC not being restored properly after testing.

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