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Noteworthy changes in release 2010.10.26 [stable]

Item posted by Peter Simons <simons> on Tue 26 Oct 2010 11:32:32 AM UTC.

The macros AX_WITH_GUILE, AX_WITH_PERL, AX_WITH_PYTHON, and AX_WITH_RUBY are considered obsolete and will be deleted from the archive in the foreseeable future. Use of obsolete macros can be identified by running autoconf(1) with the flag -Wobsolete. Furthermore, the standard utility autoupdate(1) provides assistance with updating existing "" files.

AX_PROG_DOXYGEN has been extended to implement "DX_DOT_FEATURE(ON|OFF)". This feature was documented, but it didn't actually exist. Further details are available at

A bug in AX_BOOST_BASE has been fixed that would cause BOOST_LDFLAGS to be detected incorrectly. See for further details.

AX_LIB_HDF5 has been extended to support requesting either a serial or a parallel HDF5 installation. Furthermore, the macro can now detect whether or not a Fortran-ready installation is present. Further details are available at

AX_CFLAGS_WARN_ALL has been cleaned up to avoid use of obsolete Autoconf constructs. Also, a new variant of the macro, AX_FCFLAGS_WARN_ALL, has been added to enable support for Fortran. Further details are available at

AX_COMPILER_VENDOR has been extended to support the Clang compiler.

Caching issues in AX_BLAS have been remedied. Further details are available at

Plenty of Autoconf 2.68 warnings have been fixed.

Added initial version of AX_CC_FOR_BUILD.

AX_LUA_LIB_VERSION has been renamed to AX_LUA_HEADERS_VERSION, because that is what the macro is checking, really. A new macro AX_LUA_READLINE has been added.

The AX_PREFIX_CONFIG_H macro has been improved to support the system shell "dash". See for further details.

The AX_BLAS_F77_FUNC macro has been improved to properly save and restore the value of the $LIBS variable. Furthermore, an extra check was added to verify that the integer size of Fortran (4 or 8 bytes) matches that of BLAS. See for further details.

AX_TLS has been updated to usual FOUND/NOT-FOUND interface.

Handling of indirectly named shell variables has been fixed in AX_CFLAGS_GCC_OPTION. There have also been improvements to the documentation. See and for further details.

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