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Cost of living: Calls for targeted help to cut energy bills

Item posted by Stephen H. Dawson DSL <shdawson> on Sun 20 Mar 2022 04:34:34 PM UTC.
"Millions of households are facing a 54% rise in the cost of a typical annual gas and electricity bill..."

We discussed deeply when we designed GNU remotecontrol the reality of rising energy costs pushing consumer purchasing decisions to the point of genuine consumer pain. All energy costs have perhaps the most direct impact seen in food production costs. The choice between enough food and enough energy in 2022 is a decision many could not fathom only five years ago.

The Ukraine matter in play now is convenient for economic sanctions. There was no winter in Europe when the sanctions were launched. The sanctions will not last after September when cold returns and the need for more fossil fuels return to heat homes.

Energy suppliers do not want energy efficiency as consumption efficiency decreases all sales. It is clear commercialization is not going to solve the energy management needs of the world today. The answer is found in using new tools to help the logic system that is not working logically now.

Now is the time for free and open-source software to be used in helping consumers reduce their energy costs to heat their homes, their businesses, and public dwellings.

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