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ANNOUNCE: DDD 3.4.0 (Plitvitce Lakes)
     posted by eager, Wed 10 May 2023 03:12:46 PM UTC

The public release of DDD-3.4.0 is now available in the Download Area at

There have been significant improvements in the build process, updates to current OS and library versions, a number of bug fixes, and several enhancements, especially in the handling of UTF-8.  See the ANNOUNCE and NEWS files in the distribution for more details.

DDD's maintainers are Stefan Eickler and Michael Eager.

ANNOUNCE: DDD 3.4.0-rc2
     posted by eickeler, Fri 28 Apr 2023 08:57:47 PM UTC

Release candidate 3.4.0-rc2 is available.  You can find it at

The build process of DDD is streamlined and updated to current versions of the toolchain. The interfaces to inferior debuggers (GDB and remake) and to Gnuplot are updated.

ANNOUNCE: DDD 3.3.12 (Dale Head)
     posted by pwainwright, Wed 11 Feb 2009 06:17:04 PM UTC

This is the public release of DDD 3.3.12.

It features much improved support for debugging Python, Bash and Make, as well as various bug fixes.

It is available immediately at

ANNOUNCE: DDD 3.3.12-rc2 (Catbells)
     posted by pwainwright, Mon 26 Jan 2009 08:49:43 AM UTC

Here is the second, and quite possibly final, release candidate for DDD 3.3.12.

If DDD crashes with a fatal signal (hopefully an infrequent occurrence), it should now provide a decent stack trace in the log file.  Thanks to Shaunak Saha for fixing this bug. [...]

ANNOUNCE: DDD 3.3.12-rc1 (Latrigg)
     posted by pwainwright, Wed 03 Dec 2008 08:34:26 PM UTC

The last official release of DDD, 3.3.11, was made on 16th March 2005, well over three years ago.

But, DDD developers have not been idle.

Rocky Bernstein in particular has done some great work in his "pydb" branch.  DDD can now be used effectively in debugging Python programs (pydb), Bash scripts (bashdb) and Makefiles (remake)... [...]

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