Migration Check List


  • Decide what to do with the NFS mounting from current vcs,download.

Remaining setup tasks - vcs0

  • Disable cronjobs on old vcs, enable them on vcs0 (such as sv_groups which modified the NFS-shared code repositories. Only one server should run the at a given time.

  • CronJobs vcs0:/etc/cron.d/sv:

    • sv_groups,
    • /usr/src/infra/git/refresh-project-list.sh
    • /usr/src/infra/git/sv_cgit.pl
  • Check for special permissions for GNU webmasters? see "GNU webpages repository access for www members" section in UserAuthentication and also here: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/savannah-hackers-public/2016-05/msg00031.html

Remaining setup tasks - Download0

Remaining setup tasks - Internal0 (MySQL + DNS)

  • Update access privileges for the MySQL users (e.g. savannahscripts), grant them from hosts 'frontend','vcs' (in addition to 'frontend0','vcs0',etc.).

  • Also grant MySQL access to 'downloads' (and other hosts which run perl backend scripts from savane).

  • Verify mailing list creating works (with SSH to lists.gnu.org).

Wiki and Documentation

  • Document Postfix/mail setup on frontend0/vcs0. Is the information in MailSystem up-to-date ?

  • For vcs0: Document /etc/membersh-conf.pl ; document /etc/libnss-mysql.cfg;

  • Document MySQL permissions for nss-user/nss-root on internal0 (for libnss-mysql on vcs0).

  • Update the "ssh authentication" section in the UserAuthentication page, with new scripts/configuration by Bob (i.e. replace AuthorizedKeysExec with AuthorizedKeysCommand and verify all other details there).

  • Update the "libnss-mysql" section in UserAuthentication page, based on updated setup on vcs0.

  • On vcs0, explain 'nice/timeout' scripts in /usr/local/bin.

  • On vcs0, explain rsync (xinetd + rsyncd.conf)

See Also

'TO DO Items' and 'FIXME' in SavannahHosts.