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Recutils, GOOPS and virtual slots posted by ane, Wed 09 Dec 2020 10:53:37 AM UTC
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Recutils, GOOPS and virtual slots

Item posted by Antoine Kalmbach <ane> on Wed 09 Dec 2020 10:53:37 AM UTC.

Writing Guile bindings for C libraries is seriously fun. As recutils is becoming popular in GNU, I thought it would be a fun idea to write Guile bindings for librec, the library powering recutils. Consequently, we are also thinking about adding Guile scripting to recutils.

Guile's design as an extension language is present in all of its features. Here and there you will find little gems that have very clearly been designed to help dealing with C code. Even GOOPS, the Guile implementation of GOOPS, has such features. In the article below I explain how I leverage a feature called virtual slots when writing bindings for recutils.


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