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GNU Health HL7 FHIR server 0.9b3 is out

Item posted by Luis Falcon <meanmicio> on Wed 04 Nov 2020 03:26:44 PM UTC.

Dear GH community

The FHIR REST server 0.9b3 is out! This new version is Python3 compatible and can interact with the GNU Health HMIS node => 3.6

The FHIR server is a Flask application, that generates HL7 FHIR messages to a number of resources in the GNU Health Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) node .

This Reversion is the continuation of the great work done by Chris Zimmerman for Python2 and older GH instances.

The current resources are now being implemented are:

  • Conformance: Describes the server's FHIR capabilities.
  • Patient: Patient demographic information, like email, address, SSN, etc.
  • DiagnosticReport: Completed lab tests, but not the data
  • Observation: Lab data, like uric acid values
  • Practitioner: Health professionals and their information
  • Procedure: Surgeries/operations
  • Condition: Diseases/diagnoses
  • FamilyHistory: Family histories of patients
  • Medication: Medications (not prescriptions!)
  • MedicationStatement: Medications taken by a patient
  • Immunization: Immunizations
  • Organization: Institutions, departments, companies, etc.

This is still a beta version. We plan to add write support in the near future.

The server is now shipped as a Python package and hosted at PyPI ( It also provides two scripts to run it via Tornado or Gunicorn WSGI servers.

The latest documentation about the FHIR REST server can be found at Wikibooks (

We have also created an instance at the GH Federation community server, so you can try it out without the need of installing it.

The HL7 provides yet another means to interact with GNU Health HMIS nodes from other systems, besides the current existing methods that are in place.


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