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parted-3.3 released [stable]

Item posted by Brian C. Lane <bcl> on Fri 11 Oct 2019 12:18:16 AM UTC.

Parted 3.3 has been released.  This release includes many bug fixes and new features.

Here is Parted's home page:

For a summary of all changes and contributors, see:

or run this command from a git-cloned parted directory:
  git shortlog v3.2..v3.3 (appended below)

Here are the compressed sources and a GPG detached signature[*]:

Use a mirror for higher download bandwidth:

[*] Use a .sig file to verify that the corresponding file (without the .sig suffix) is intact.  First, be sure to download both the .sig file and the corresponding tarball.  Then, run a command like this:

  gpg --verify parted-3.3.tar.xz.sig

If that command fails because you don't have the required public key, then run this command to import it:

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 117E8C168EFE3A7F

and rerun the 'gpg --verify' command.

This release was bootstrapped with the following tools:
  Autoconf 2.69
  Automake 1.16.1
  Gnulib commit 6430babe47ece6953cf18ef07c1d8642c8588e89
  Gperf 3.1


A considerable number of patches have been made since the last release, see the git log if you want all the gory details.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release.

Here is a log of the commits since parted 3.2
A. Wilcox (1):
      libparted: Fix endian bug in bsd.c

Alexander Todorov (3):
      tests: Fall back to C.UTF-8 if no en_US.utf8 available
      merge HACKING and README-hacking
      Fwd: [PATCH 2/2] add verbose test documentation

Amarnath Valluri (3):
      UI: Avoid memory leaks.
      libparted: Fix memory leaks
      libparted: Fix possible memory leaks

Arnout Vandecappelle (Essensium/Mind) (1):
      libparted/labels: link with libiconv if needed

Arvin Schnell (1):
      libparted: set swap flag on GPT partitions

Brian C. Lane (73):
      tests: Change minimum size to 256MiB
      tests: Add a test for device-mapper partition sizes
      libparted: device mapper uses 512b sectors
      Update manpage NAME so whatis will work
      doc: Fix url for LWN article
      tests: Make sure the extended partition length is correct (#1135493)
      libparted: BLKPG_RESIZE_PARTITION uses bytes, not sectors (#1135493)
      parted: Fix crash with name command and no disklabel (#1226067)
      libparted: Stop converting . in sys path to /
      libparted: Fix misspelling in hfs exception string
      libparted: Use read only when probing devices on linux (#1245144)
      tests: Use wait_for_dev_to_ functions
      Add libparted-fs-resize.pc
      docs: Add list of filesystems for fs-type (#1311596)
      parted: Display details of partition alignment failure (#726856)
      libparted: Remove fdasd geometry code from alloc_metadata (#1244833)
      libparted: Fix probing AIX disks on other arches
      tests: skip pc98 when sector size != 512
      tests: Add udevadm settle to wait_for_ loop (#1260664)
      tests: Add wait to t9042 (#1257415)
      tests: Fix t1700 failing on a host with a 4k xfs filesystem (#1260664)
      doc: Cleanup mkpart manpage entry (#1183077)
      doc: Add information about quoting
      tests: Set optimal blocks to 64 for scsi_debug devices
      partprobe: Open the device once for probing
      tests: Stop timing t9040 (#1172675)
      tests: Update t0220 and t0280 for the swap flag.
      Increase timeout for rmmod scsi_debug and make it a framework failure
      tests/t1701-rescue-fs wait for the device to appear.
      libparted: Fix udev cookie leak in _dm_resize_partition
      libparted: Fix udev cookie leak in _dm_resize_partition
      atari.c: Drop xlocale.h (#1476934)
      Modify gpt-header-move and msdos-overlap to work with py2 or py3
      Fix the length of several strncpy calls
      parted.c: Always free peek_word
      parted.c: Make sure dev_name is freed
      t6100-mdraid-partitions: Use v0.90 metadata for the test
      Add udf to t1700-probe-fs and to the manpage
      docs: Update GNU License version in parted .text files
      parted: Remove PED_ASSERT from ped_partition_set_name
      Fix align-check help output
      README-release: Updating the release instructions Remove default -Werror flag
      Remove unnecessary if before free checks
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Fix syntax-check complaints about tests
      Update syntax-check NEWS hash to cover 3.2 release notes.
      Fix double semi-colons
      Change 'time stamp' to 'timestamp'
      atari.c: Align the AtariRawTable on a 16bit boundary
      dos.c: Fix cast alignment error in maybe_FAT
      Adjust the gcc warnings to recognize FALLTHROUGH
      dvh.c: Use memcpy instead of strncpy
      gpt.c: Align _GPTDiskData to 8 byte boundary
      gpt.c: Drop cast of efi_guid_t to unsigned char *
      sun.c: Aligned _SunRawLabel to 16bit boundary
      Add gcc malloc attribute to ped_alloc and ped_calloc
      bsd.c: Rewrite disklabel code to prevent gcc warnings
      po: Add argmatch.h
      Turn off c_prohibit_gnu_make_extensions Remove empty .deps directories
      doc: Create po directory if missing
      libparted: Fix bug in bsd.c alpha_bootblock_checksum
      maint: Update to latest gnulib
      maint: Update bootstrap script from latest gnulib
      maint: Bump library REVISION number for release
      maint: Update copyright statements to 2019
      maint: Move NEWS template to line 3
      version 3.2.153
      maint: post-release administrivia
      README-release: Add link to upload registration page
      NEWS: Note the fix for the s390 bug
      version 3.3

Colin Watson (2):
      parted: fix build error on s390
      build: Remove unused traces of dynamic loading

Curtis Gedak (1):
      lib-fs-resize: Fix recognition of FAT file system after resizing

David Cantrell (1):
      Use BLKSSZGET to get device sector size in _device_probe_geometry()

Felix Janda (2):
      libparted/arch/linux.c: Compile without ENABLE_DEVICE_MAPPER
      libparted/fs/xfs/platform_defs.h: Include <fcntl.h> for loff_t

Gareth Randall (1):
      docs: Improve partition description in parted.texi

Gustavo Zacarias (1):
      bug #17883: [PATCH] uclinux is also linux

Hans-Joachim Baader (1):
      Added support for Windows recovery partition (WINRE) on MBR

Heiko Becker (1):
      libparted: also link to UUID_LIBS

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (2):
      libparted:tests: Move get_sector_size() to common.c
      libparted: Add support for atari partition tables

Laurent Vivier (1):
      libparted: Fix MacOS boot support

Max Staudt (1):
      libparted/fs/amiga/affs.c: Remove printf() to avoid confusion

Michael Small (2):
      Avoid sigsegv in case 2nd nilfs2 superblock magic accidently found.
      Tests case for sigsegv when false nilfs2 superblock detected.

Mike Fleetwood (13):
      lib-fs-resize: Prevent crash resizing FAT16 file systems
      tests: Add FAT16 resizing test
      tests: Add requirement on mkfs.vfat
      lib-fs-resize: Prevent crash resizing FAT with very deep directories
      tests: Add very deep directory
      tests: Query libparted for all flags to be tested
      tests: Stop excluding certain flags from being tested
      tests: Add test for bsd table flags
      libparted: Fix to report success when setting lvm flag on bsd table
      libparted: Remove commented local variable from bsd_partition_set_flag()
      tests: Add test for mac table flags
      tests: Add test for dvh table flags
      tests: Add tests for remaining table types

Niklas Hambüchen (1):
      mkpart: Allow negative start value when FS-TYPE is not given

Pali Rohár (1):
      libparted: Add support for MBR id, GPT GUID and detection of UDF filesystem

Petr Uzel (3):
      Add support for NVMe devices
      libparted: only IEC units are treated as exact
      libparted: Fix starting CHS in protective MBR

Phillip Susi (11):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      parted: don't crash in disk_set when disk label not found
      parted: fix the rescue command
      Add NEWS entry for fat resize fix
      Fix crash when localized
      Fix make check
      tests: fix t6100-mdraid-partitions
      Fix set and disk_set to not crash when no flags are supported
      Fix resizepart iec unit end sector
      Lift 512 byte restriction on fat resize
      Fix atari label false positives

Richard W.M. Jones (1):
      linux: Include <sys/sysmacros.h> for major() macro.

Sebastian Parschauer (3):
      libparted: Don't warn if no HDIO_GET_IDENTITY ioctl
      Add support for RAM drives
      Add support for NVDIMM devices

Sebastian Rasmussen (1):
      libparted: Fix typo in hfs error message

Sergei Antonov (1):
      mac: copy partition type and name correctly

Shin'ichiro Kawasaki (4): Check ABI against ABI version 2
      libparted/labels/pt-tools.c: Fix gperf generated function attribute
      include/parted/ Specify const attribute to ped_unit_get_name()
      libparted: Replace abs() with llabs()

Simon Xu (1):
      Fix potential command line buffer overflow

Steven Lang (1):
      Use disk geometry as basis for ext2 sector sizes.

Ulrich Müller (1):
      libparted: Fix ending CHS address in PMBR.

Viktor Mihajlovski (4):
      fdasd: geometry handling updated from upstream s390-tools
      dasd: enhance device probing
      fdasd.c: Safeguard against geometry misprobing
      libparted/s390: Re-enabled virtio-attached DASD heuristics

Wang Dong (13):
      libparted/dasd: correct the offset where the first partition begins
      libparted/dasd: unify vtoc handling for cdl/ldl
      libparted/dasd: update and improve fdasd functions
      libparted/dasd: add new fdasd functions
      libparted/dasd: add test cases for the new fdasd functions
      parted: fix crash due to improper partition number input
      parted: fix wrong error label jump in mkpart
      clean the disk information when commands fail in interactive mode.
      parted: check the name of partition first when to name a partition
      parted/ui: remove unneccesary information of command line
      libpartd/dasd: improve flag processing for DASD-LDL
      libparted/dasd: add an exception for changing DASD-LDL partition table
      libparted/dasd: add test cases for the new fdasd functions

dann frazier (3):
      ped_unit_get_name: Resolve conflicting attributes 'const' and 'pure'
      Fix warnings from GCC 7's -Wimplicit-fallthrough
      Read NVMe model names from sysfs


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