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GNU/EDMA 0.9.4 in CVS

Item posted by David Martínez Oliveira <dmartin> on Sun 18 Aug 2002 05:41:57 PM UTC.

GNU/EDMA CVS has been updated with the current Alpha version 0.9.4.

The major changes and additions in this release are:

  • Support for multiple versions of components
  • The FAQ has been updated. Now is in /doc directory
  • A serializer class has been added. For now, it just works on simple objects
  • Networking classes updated.
  • Minor bug fixes and some code clean up
  • PIA Project: A partial interface to access GNU/EDMA services from Perl has been added

The GNOME Graphical tools have been also updated:

  • GNOME Class Browser now show general information of the selected class, as well as, version information
  • GNOME IDF Wizard has been updated to deal with versioning information. AUTOOLS_BUILDER class has been corrected

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