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Native GNU Health GTK client !

Item posted by Luis Falcon <meanmicio> on Mon 01 Jan 2018 10:23:33 PM UTC.

Dear community

I am happy to announce the native GNU Health GTK client for series 3.2 !

The GNU Health GTK Client

The GTK client allows to connect to the GNU Health server from the desktop.

Starting from GNU Health version 3.2, you can directly download the gnuhealth client from or pypi.


The GNU Health client is pip installable :

For a system-wide installation (you need to be root)

  # pip install gnuhealth-client

Alternatively, you can do a local installation :

  $ pip install --user gnuhealth-client

For the latest information about the GNU Health client on pypi visit :

Alternatively, you can also install it from source :

  $ wget



The GNU Health GTK client derives from the Tryton GTK client, with specific features of GNU Health and healthcare sector.

GNU Health client series 3.2.x use GTK2+ and Python2. This is a
transition series for the upcoming 3.4, that will use GTK3+ and Python3

The default profile

The GNU Health client comes with a pre-defined profile, which points to the GNU Health community demo server

 Server :
 Port : 8000
 User : admin
 Passwd : gnusolidario

GNU Health Plugins

You can download GNU Health plugins for specific functionality.

For example:

  • The GNU Health Crypto plugin to digitally sign documents using GNUPG
  • The GNU Health Camera to use cameras and store them directly on the system (person registration, histological samples, etc..)

More information about the GNU Health plugins at :


The GNU Health client configuration file

The default configuration file resides in


Using a custom greeter / banner

You can customize the login greeter banner to fit your institution.

In the section [client] include the banner param with the absolute path of the png file.

Something like

 banner = /home/yourlogin/myhospitalbanner.png

The default resolution of the banner is 500 x 128 pixels. Adjust yours to approximately this size.


The development of the GNU Health client will be done on GNU Savannah, using the Mercurial repository.

Tasks, bugs and mailing lists will be on , for development.

General questions can be done on mailing list.



The GNU Health GTK documentation will be at the corresponding chapter in the GNU Health Wikibook

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