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hello-2.8 released [stable]

Item posted by Reuben Thomas <rrt> on Fri 20 Apr 2012 06:49:04 PM UTC.

I'm delighted to announce version 2.8 of GNU hello. This release is my
first as maintainer; thanks to Karl Berry for inviting me to take over
from him, and then providing much useful guidance.

This release contains no significant code changes; rather, the version
increment is justified an overhaul of the build system to bring it
more in line with modern mainstream GNU practice, and in particular,
to make maximum use of the excellent gnulib. In the process I've found
and fixed many nits.

The VCS has also been updated, from CVS to git.

Finally, this release includes several new and updated translations
from the Translation Project. A big thank-you to all the translators!

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