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GNU Health 1.3.3 is out !

Item posted by Luis Falcon <meanmicio> on Mon 19 Sep 2011 08:11:35 AM UTC.

I'm pleased to announce GNU Health 1.3.3

This version could be considered a milestone in itself, due the major changes and new features:

- New naming convention of modules and models. From  medical to gnuhealth
- New installation scripts ( .
- Major improvements in the Laboratory module. Now we have automatic visual alerts, possibility to exclude analytes from the analysis, qualitative and quantitative testing. Contextualize results in the patient status (gender, age, comorbidities ... ).

As in every new release, bugs are fixed, navigation improved and new features are includes.

Since Health is now part of the official GNU system, the development is hosted at GNU Savannah, where you can also download the latest version.

Last but not least...  many thanks to Cedric and Tryton community for getting involved in the GNU Health project !

About GNU Health

GNU Health (formerly known as "Medical") is a free (GPL v3+ license), Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality :

- Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
- Hospital Information System (HIS)
- Health Information System

GNU Health is part of GNU Solidario. GNU Solidario is a NGO that delivers education and health to emerging economies with free software.

Main site :

Governments hosting GNU Health through their portals :

  • European Commission (EU) , OSOR
  • Brazil: Portal do Software Público Brasileiro (SPB)

You can check the original post, with screenshots at :

Project at the Savannah :


Luis Falcón
GNU Health

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