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FreeIPMI 1.0.1 Released

Item posted by Albert Chu <chu11> on Thu 20 Jan 2011 10:54:41 PM UTC.

o Remove ipmimonitoring tool.  Tool is now superseded by ipmi-sensors and the new --output-sensor-state option.
o Support --output-event-state option for ipmi-sel to support SEL event interpretation.
o All config-tools now support multi-channel configuration under
  verbose mode.
o Re-architect libipmimonitoring to support all defined IPMI sensor types, OEM bitmasks, and OEM interpretations.
o Add SEL monitoring support to libipmimonitoring.
o Support new 'interpret' sub-library in libfreeipmi.
o Support interpretation rules for sensors when no states/events occur.
o Support interpretation rules for out of spec sensor states/events.
o Support interpretation rules for OEM sensors and events.
o Move all config files to /etc/freeipmi/.  Support legacy config
  files for backwards compatibility.
o Support serial keepalive in ipmiconsole to check if serial
  connection has remained alive across system reboots.
o Create symlinks and manpage pointers for 'ipmi-power', 'ipmi-ping', 'rmcp-ping', 'ipmi-console', and 'ipmi-detect' to give some additional consistency to the tool naming.
o Various documentation updates.
o Update to support DCMI 1.1.
o Update all licensing information to GPLv3.

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