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Tar 1.21

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Fri 26 Dec 2008 11:22:59 PM UTC.

GNU tar 1.21 is available for download from

New in this version:

  • New short option -J, a shortcut for --lzma.
  • New option --lzop
  • New option --no-auto-compress

Cancels the effect of previous --auto-compress (-a) option.

  • New option --no-null

Cancels the effect of previous --null option.

  • Compressed format recognition

If tar is unable to determine archive compression format, it falls back to using archive suffix to determine it.

  • VCS support.

Using --exclude-vcs handles also files used internally by Bazaar,
Mercurial and Darcs.

  • Transformation scope flags

Name transformation expressions understand additional flags that
control type of archive members affected by them.  The flags are:

 - r
   Apply transformation to regular archive members.

 - s
   Apply transformation to symbolic link targets.

 - h 
   Apply transformation to hard link targets.

Corresponding upper-case letters negate the flag meaning, so that
`H' means ``do not apply transformation to hard link targets.''

The scope flags are listed in the third part of an `s' expression,

   tar --transform 's|^|/usr/local/|S'

Default is `rsh', which means that transformations are applied to
both regular archive members and to the targets of symbolic and hard
links.  If several transform expressions are used, the default flags
can be changed using `flags=' statement before the expressions, e.g.:

   tar --transform 'flags=S;s|^|/usr/local/|S'

  • Bugfixes

- The --null option disabled handling of tar options in list files.  This
is fixed.
- Fixed record size autodetection.  If detected record size differs from the expected value (either default, or set on the command line), tar always prints a warning if verbosity level is set to 1 or greater, i.e. if either -t or -v option is given.

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