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GNU tar 1.16.1

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sat 09 Dec 2006 02:15:07 PM UTC.

GNU tar 1.16.1 is available from and its mirrors worldwide.  It is the first maintenance release in the 1.16 series.  The list of noteworthy changes follows:

  • New option --exclude-tag allows to specify "exclusion tag files", i.e. files whose presence in a directory means that the directory should not be archived.
  • The --exclude-cache option excludes directories that contain the CACHEDIR.TAG file from being archived.  Previous versions excluded directory contents only, while the directories themselves were still added to the archive.

We don't expect that any tar archives in practical use have type 'N' records, but if you have one and you trust its contents, you can decode it with GNU tar 1.16 or earlier.

  • Race conditions have been fixed that in some cases briefly allowed files extracted by 'tar -x --same-owner' (or plain 'tar -x', when running as root) to be accessed by users that they shouldn't have been.

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