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FreeIPMI 0.3.0-Beta0 released

Item posted by Albert Chu <chu11> on Mon 06 Nov 2006 06:27:24 PM UTC.

Howdy everyone,

We're nearly done with FreeIPMI 0.3.0:  The beta0 rpms are at:

We think the beta0 release is quite solid and probably ready for a full
release.  We'd like to let the users out there try it a bit first just
in case we missed anything.

Release Notes:


For Users
o Added ipmiconsole.
o IPMI 2.0 connection support added to ipmipower.
o IPMI 2.0 ping support added to ipmiping.
o IPMI 2.0 and Serial-Over-LAN (SOL) configuration added to bmc-config.
o Added sectional input/output support to bmc-config (--listsections and
--section options).
o Added OpenIPMI driver support to bmc-info, ipmi-raw, ipmi-sel, ipmi-
o ipmi-raw raw input/output style change to support luns and network
o bmc-info, ipmi-raw, ipmi-sel, ipmi-sensors out-of-band communication
made more reliable.
o Sensor reading added to ipmi-sel for better output
o Intel 2.0 workarounds added to ipmipower.
o Supermicro 2.0 workarounds added to ipmipower.
o --wait-until-on, --wait-until-off, --retry-wait-timeout options added
to ipmipower.
o --delete-range option added to ipmi-sel
o --flush-cache option added to ipmi-sel.
o --sdr-cache-directory option added to ipmi-sel and ipmi-sensors.
o Removed fish
o Removed garpd
o Various bug fixes throughout FreeIPMI.

For Developers
o IPMI 2.0 support added to libfreeipmi.
o Added libipmiconsole.
o ipmi-sensors, ipmi-sel, and bmc-config re-written in C.
o Added OpenIPMI driver support to libfreeipmi.
o Libfreeipmi Fiid interface re-implemented.
o Libfreeipmi code significantly cleaned up.
o In debug mode, packet dump, function trace, and various debugging
added to libfreeipmi.

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