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GNU Source Installer 2.1 released

Item posted by Claudio Fontana <sick_soul> on Sun 30 Apr 2006 07:12:45 PM UTC.

A new version of the Source Installer is available!

Version 2.1 fixes serious bugs, and offers new functionality,
like better consistency checks, file conflicts detection bewteen packages, automatic management of entries in the info directory file, and better uninstallation.

The default value for the KEEP_SOURCE preference has been set to false.

There are changes in the command line tool syntax for certain actions, and it is now possible to specify - as a filename to mean standard output.

For a full list of changes, see the ChangeLog files of each package.

Get libsrcinst-2.1, sourceinstall-2.1 and sourceinstall-gtk-2.1 from  [via ftp] [via http]



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