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sourceinstall project news

Item posted by Claudio Fontana <sick_soul> on Thu 23 Feb 2006 12:34:27 PM UTC.

Here's some juicy information about the project
that could be interesting for sourceinstall users:

In sourceinstall-gtk, a new "save log" feature is being implemented, well suited for better bug reports.
It will simply save the output of commands run during build
in a log file.
In libsrcinst, core of the Source Installer, many small issues
have been fixed. Further development in this area will lead to
better (more precise) error reports in the front-ends.
All modules will see a 2.1 release soon.

A lot of effort is being put in helping current GNU projects better adhere to the GNU installation policies. The goal is to have soon 100% of active GNU Packages supported by sourceinstall.

As soon as all GNU Packages are supported, attention will move
to non-gnu source packages. Information and support will be offered even to non-gnu projects to move to the autotools, or at least to the GNU common installation policies.

Help is needed here. Unfortunately, with all which is going on on the development-side, little time has been dedicated to build strong documentation. Both a texinfo manual and manpages are needed, for all three modules. In addition, an online overview in html format would also be important.
To help, see:

I am happy to announce that X.Org and its direct library dependencies are moving to GNU installation policies, and will be installable using sourceinstall.

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