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FreeIPMI 0.1.0 Alpha5-QA1 - Released

Item posted by Anand Babu Periasamy <ab> on Wed 31 Mar 2004 04:49:13 PM UTC.

                  • THIS IS NOT A RELEASE. ONLY FOR QA TEAM *********

Alpha5 QA1 Release:

                  • THIS IS NOT A RELEASE. ONLY FOR QA TEAM *********

After installation of "fish", you can find "sensors", "bmc-config",
"sel" and "bmc-info" installed in the ${prefix}/sbin dir. Man pages
are available for both the utilities.


Whats New:

  • Locking and Synchronization core.
  • --freeipmi-prefix and --enable-freeipmi-static - (Al's request).
  • System Event Log utility (Al's request).
  • bmc-info utility - (Robin's request).
  • ignore sensors list config option - (Robin's request).
  • ignore sensors with SWID > 47h - (Al's patch).
  • sensors exits with proper error status - (Robin's request).
  • -s 1,3,43 as well as -s "1 3 43" parsing support (Robin's request)
  • cache file validation and /var full exception handler (Al's


  • (Most importantly) all GC-NULLP exceptions fixed.
  • bmc-config --diff password check support.
  • facelift.
  • cleaner code base - All kcs functions split into kcs and fill_xxx.
  • rewrote few scm procedures with proper tail recursion to avoid

   stack consumption.

  • sensors - predefined lower-case aliases.
  • And all open bugs Savannah BTS closed.

Alpha5-QA1 is a major step towards FreeIPMI official GNU 0.1.0
release. Before Alpha6, we should plan for watchdogd, ipmi-power, and
rmcp-ping integration. Goal is to validate CDC's Itanium2, Xeon64,
Xeon32 and AMD64 (Opteron) platforms for Alpha5 final release.


Upcoming versions will include network based sel, sensors, bmc-info.
bmc-config is waiting for a major facelift. Fish will export lower level
primitives and let SCM handle the real job. Will use
section/sub-section based config file (like XF86Config-4). Cover
options in Intel's SMU.

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