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GNU EDMA 0.7.1 Alpha Release

Item posted by David Martínez Oliveira <dmartin> on Wed 21 Nov 2001 09:00:41 PM UTC.

This new GNU EDMA release finally uses autotools to be built. The build/installation process still is in alpha state, and we hope to improve it soon.

The version number has been changed from 0.5 to 0.7 due to the completly rebuild of the system instalation, as well as, the change in the app's interface to GNU EDMA.

You can get it from CVS at savannah:

Here is, the WHAT's NEW for this release:

  • Begin GNUishing package. Instalation using ./configure
  • Added support for abstract and static methods
  • Added support for interfaces/abstract classes
  • Added casting primitives. Now you can cast subobject up and down class hierarchy
  • Added new static methods OnLoad and OnUnlaod equivalent to Java anonymous static blocks
  • Added realloc operation in the low-level memory management interface
  • Property modifiers finally work
  • Strong source directory tree reorganization.
  • Strong installation directory tree reorganization
  • New tests/examples for: static methods, abstract classes and casting primitives
  • Fixed name colision in apps and classes. No more pPrimitive commands in programs
  • Now, apps only must to link against
  • Changed class name convention form CLASS.dll to
  • No longer edma.ini and EDMADIR env var are needed . You still can set EDMADIR

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