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GNU Health Hospital Management 4.2 series released!

Item posted by Luis Falcon <meanmicio> on Sat 11 Feb 2023 11:55:55 PM UTC.

Dear community:

I am excited to announce the release of series 4.2 from the GNU Health Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) component!

The 4.2 series is the result of one year of work and cooperation with the community. Many new exciting features are included, bugs fixed and new translations are now in place.

What is new in GNUHealth Hospital Management 4.2 series

The following is a summary of the main new features included in GH 4.2 .

  • Enhanced Medical Imaging functionality and ergonomics.
  • Introduced GNU Health "Focus on" section on patient main form. Key health indicators that put our attention on the patient main health conditions. The main indicators are Cardiovascular (excl hbp), HBP, Nutrition, Cognitive, Social, Cancer and Immuno.
  • Surgery package has been vastly revised and enhanced. Thanks to the collaboration with our colleagues from Cirugia Solidaria, the surgery package is now being used in thousands of operations and all the new functionality is available in this 4.2.
  • Enhanced Insurance and billing functionality. Now, in one view we can integrate all product policies from a particular insurance company plan. The 4.2 release also allows to include a fixed prices on product or category.
  • The Vital Record System (VRS) can now issue reports on birth and death certificates.
  • Demographics can now accept entering estimate age / DoB.
  • Health services has now the functionality of "grouping" all the tests from a single order - lab and medical imaging -. It allows automatically updating the service document directly right from the request order wizard. There a new "ungroup" checkbox that, when set, it will behave as today, ie, giving the option to the manager.
  • Improved Patient encounter / evaluation. Medical interventions, DDx and secondary conditions. A new report is now available that summarizes the key information from the evaluation.
  • Weblate translations holds 35 languages!
  • Instance and connection information visible at the GTK client title
  • On the technical side, we have improved unit testing on each package, speedup load times on large datafiles and using python-sql for most queries.
  • Last but not least.... GNU Health is now REUSE (Free Software Foundation Europe) compliant! This is a great step forward, since REUSE facilitates documenting and sharing licenses of Libre projects like GNU Health. It's been quite a bit of work, but definitely worth!

Upgrading from GNU Health 4.0

The GNUHealth 4.2 will benefit from the stability of using Tryton 6.0! Still, at GH level there are significant changes on the data dictionary and kernel.

As usual: 

  • Make a FULL BACKUP your kernel, database and attach directories !!!
  • Follow the instructions on the Wikibooks.

Development focus

In addition of the GH HMIS server, we will focus the development in the
following  areas of the GNU Health ecosystem:

  • The Documentation Portal. We now have a dedicated server that will host the documentation for the GNUHealth ecosystem components.

  The docmentation portal is a read-only resource, focusing on stability and high-quality. We will also keep using Wikibooks as a community wiki, as well as development.

  • MyGNUHealth: The GNU Health app for desktop and mobile devices
  • Thalamus and the Federation Portal. The GNU Health Federation integrates information from many health institutions and individuals from a region or country. The GH Federation portal will  allow to manage resources, as well as the main point for *analytics* and *reporting* of massive demographics and epidemiological data generated nationwide. People, health centers and research institutions will benefit from the GNU Health Federation and the GNU Health ecosystem in general.

As always, no matter how hard we try to avoid them, there will be bugs, so please test the new system, upgrade process, languages, and give us your feedback via them via

The community server has been already migrated to 4.2.0, so you just need to download the GNU Health HMIS client.

Happy and Healthy Hacking !

Dr. Luis Falcon, M.D.
President, GNU Solidario
Advancing Social Medicine


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