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libiconv 1.17 released posted by haible, Sun 15 May 2022 03:31:26 PM UTC
libiconv 1.15 released posted by haible, Fri 03 Feb 2017 12:35:29 AM UTC
Transition from CVS to Git posted by haible, Sun 21 Jun 2009 11:47:33 AM UTC

libiconv 1.17 released

Item posted by Bruno Haible <haible> on Sun 15 May 2022 03:31:26 PM UTC.

GNU libiconv 1.17 is released.

New in this release:

  • The libiconv library is now licensed under the LGPL version 2.1, instead of the LGPL version 2.0. The iconv program continues to be licensed under GPL version 3.
  • Added converters for many single-byte EBCDIC encodings: IBM-{037,273,277,278,280,282,284,285,297,423,424,425,500,838,870,871,875}, IBM-{880,905,924,1025,1026,1047,1097,1112,1122,1123,1130,1132,1137,1140}, IBM-{1141,1142,1143,1144,1145,1146,1147,1148,1149,1153,1154,1155,1156,1157}, IBM-{1158,1160,1164,1165,1166,4971,12712,16804}. They are available through the configure option '--enable-extra-encodings'.


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