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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #54233 Infinite loop w/ -j2 & multiple pattern rules None None 2018-07-02
 #54161 Expansion of $$* is incorrect None None 2018-06-21
 #54116 Extend documentation for space-free line continuation techniques None None 2018-06-14
 #53935 Add variable-assignment debug option: --debug=A None None 2018-05-17
 #53879 Support for .ONESHELL target on Windows and DOS platforms None None 2018-05-11
 #53597 Cross-compilation fails on GNU/Linux with GNU libc 2.27 None None 2018-04-09
 #53568 GNU Make sometime doesn't reliably remove target file on being interrupted. None None 2018-04-05
 #53465 Outdated GNU glob handles d_type incorrectly for GLOB_ONLYDIR None None 2018-03-25
 #53201 Target runs incorrect command when shebang line exceeds kernel limit None None 2018-02-21
 #53152 Intermittent timeout running regression test features/output_sync None None 2018-02-14
 #52922 -Otarget does not function properly and errors on FreeBSD, with stdout to a pipe None None 2018-01-18
 #52697 More varieties to -j switch None None 2017-12-19
 #52696 Documentation changed for "subst" None None 2017-12-19
 #52642 Newer MSVC has <stdint.h> None None 2017-12-11
 #52330 make check fails in functions/file because of translated messages None None 2017-11-02
 #52273 Documentation about remaking makefiles should mention MAKE_RESTARTS None None 2017-10-24
 #52267 No rule to make target, when re-including file after being generated None None 2017-10-23
 #52209 Support for ifeq function None None 2017-10-11
 #52076 wildcard/glob should be sorted None None 2017-09-20
 #52018 suggestion: test case for glob with dangling symlink None None 2017-09-14
 #51974 call on multiline (define/endef) behavior not well-documented None None 2017-09-09
 #51495 Notice when a rule changed, so target needs rebuilding None None 2017-07-18
 #51462 Double-colon dependencies are built serially with parallel make None None 2017-07-13
 #51454 Poor performance for Intermediate targets. None None 2017-07-13
 #51306 Checking programming possibilities around “MAKECMDGOALS” None None 2017-06-24
 #51286 Support for additional local make variables None None 2017-06-21
 #51267 Improve error handling after a special command None None 2017-06-19
 #51237 Deadlock in Ctrl-C handler on Windows None None 2017-06-14
 #51202 Report paths > 259 characters long, don't silently cut them None None 2017-06-08
 #51200 Improvement suggestion: listen to signals to adjust number of jobs None None 2017-06-07
 #51190 make -n does not show exported variables None None 2017-06-06
 #50557 Deadlock in signal handler None None 2017-03-16
 #50413 better error message when load ":" requested None None 2017-02-27
 #50376 Incompatibility in make versions - directory/ dependency no longer match directory goal None None 2017-02-22
 #50372 gmk_floc missing offset member None None 2017-02-21
 #49841 flavor() function incorrectly shows function parameters as defined. None None 2016-12-14
 #49773 release/archive older make manuals None None 2016-12-05
 #49262 Update match-anything rule documentation None None 2016-10-04
 #49183 Macros set in MAKEFLAGS should not be added to the environment None None 2016-09-25
 #48970 unclear which prerequisites included in $? for intermediate targets None None 2016-09-01
 #48643 Irrelevant targets can confuse make on which pattern rule to select. None None 2016-07-27
 #48483 Compiler diagnostics cache None None 2016-07-12
 #48276 Better errors for accidental spaces None None 2016-06-20
 #48060 Recipe line flags leak between targets defined in one rule None None 2016-05-30
 #47880 Allow updates to .INCLUDE_DIRS to change search path None None 2016-05-09
 #47421 Add support for doing plugin macro overloading None None 2016-03-15
 #47419 Make it possible to call zero-argument plugin macros without awkward syntax None None 2016-03-15
 #47409 API support for accessing build internals None None 2016-03-14
 #47399 include sometimes fails for built files None None 2016-03-12
 #47308 Option to Generate build graph None None 2016-02-29

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