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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #59932 allow characters defined with .*char requests to be kerned 2021-01-23
 #59892 translating defined glyphs: undocumented limitations 2021-01-17
 #59750 italic correction sometimes fails when the same glyphs are invoked with different input 2020-12-21
 #59545 MORE.STUFF: Add material 2020-11-25
 #59482 [ms] offer tip for end-of-input management 2020-11-19
 #59442 [PATCH] groff.cpp: move soelim before preconv in constructed pipeline Need Info gbranden 2020-11-10
 #59434 doc/groff.texi: document .if / .ie interaction more clearly 2020-11-09
 #59425 [man, ms, mm]: drop compatibility wrapper feature Postponed gbranden 2020-11-07
 #59402 discordance between preconv and groff 2020-11-03
 #59397 Assign default .hcode values to alphabetic characters in groff's default character set Need Info 2020-11-02
 #59290 add register to enable/disable backtraces on diagnostics 2020-10-17
 #59284 afmtodit: Check GROFF_FONT_PATH for textmap 2020-10-16
 #58969 Request gropdf's foundry concept be integrated into groff 2020-08-17
 #58958 undocumented (or just broken) inability of .char to map to \: Confirmed 2020-08-15
 #58948 [me] adapt to use the facilities of pdfmark 2020-08-13
 #58947 [mm] adapt to use the facilities of pdfmark 2020-08-13
 #58946 [ms] adapt to use the facilities of pdfmark gbranden 2020-08-13
 #58894 remove nonfunctional lines from groff font files Need Info 2020-08-04
 #58831 make install-font.sh easier to find 2020-07-26
 #58796 preconv: want option to write traditional [g|t]roff special characters where possible Need Info gbranden 2020-07-21
 #58718 font file should allow kern pairs with space as first element 2020-07-07
 #58562 improve typography of letterspacing request .tkf ("track kerning" in groff parlance) 2020-06-14
 #58500 default value for second parameter to .ss should follow modern typographic convention Need Info gbranden 2020-06-05
 #58450 additional inter-sentence spaces should be stretched in fully justified text 2020-05-27
 #58447 [me] footnote overflow can create infinite trap recursion Need Info 2020-05-26
 #58036 [gropdf,grops] want consistent "download" format 2020-03-24
 #57855 doc/webpage.ms: replace with RELNOTES.ms 2020-02-19
 #57836 groff's adjustment algorithm is not environment-aware Confirmed 2020-02-17
 #57747 Malfunctioning romanian special characters Need Info 2020-02-05
 #57622 drop doc-old.tmac-u from groff distribution Confirmed schwarze 2020-01-17
 #57616 explicit hyphenation given in tmac/hyphenex.us violated 2020-01-17
 #57601 .hy 8 inhibits some breakpoints that it should not 2020-01-15
 #57594 sync hyphenation pattern files with TeX hyph-utf8 project and iconv them 2020-01-14
 #57556 Enforce left and right minimums as required by hyphenation patterns 2020-01-08
 #57538 .ne is off by one in some macro packages even when using no other facilities of that package Need Info gbranden 2020-01-04
 #57524 [gpinyin] bad rendering for "ü" and "Ü" with tone marks gbranden 2020-01-03
 #57516 Memory leaks shown by "LDFLAGS=-fsanitize=address" 2020-01-02
 #57506 Suspicious "slant" values in devps/TI, devlbp/HI, devlbp/HBI Need Info gbranden 2019-12-30
 #57462 Feature request: new primitive to do underlining, strikethrough, and related markup 2019-12-22
 #57448 groff will not break a line at a hard hyphen following some letter combinations 2019-12-19
 #56500 documentation should mention trap restriction 2019-06-15
 #56499 adjacent trap behavior undocumented and probably undesirable Confirmed 2019-06-15
 #56015 [grotty] should handle bullet character more intelligently Need Info gbranden 2019-03-28
 #55868 pdfmark hotspot vertical positioning error Need Info 2019-03-08
 #55799 -a output does not heed .char definitions 2019-02-28
 #55732 [PATCH] contrib/hdtbl/hdtbl.tmac: Avoid a warning about undefined macros 2019-02-17
 #55461 user ./configure --docdir ignored 2019-01-13
 #55155 [troff] .tr is applied to the RHS of .char definitions Need Info gbranden 2018-12-03
 #55154 .tr has undocumented and inconsistent space-character restrictions Need Info 2018-12-03
 #55108 busgrap: New pre-processor for business charts deri 2018-11-26

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